My gluten free journey

The following is a condensed version of my gluten-free story.  

From my early teen years on, I’ve been pretty sick…. I went to a few doctors but after a few bad experiences with doctors I was terrified enough of them that I refused to go anymore… besides, it wasn’t like they could do anything, that was clear enough. Last year (2007), I started researching Lyme Disease because I ran across some info about it, remembered that I had been bit by a tick on the inside of my elbow when I was around 6 or 8 or so (had the bulls eye rash and everything) but Mom thinks I was only treated for 3 weeks, and that isn’t long enough. I ran across this post by glutenfreegirl and thought “Hmmm, that sounds a little like me… but I’ve got a lot more going on than that which seems to fit Lyme better”.

Fast forward to the very end of September07 and a Christian Conference that we went to – by the last day, I had such a strong sense that I was healed of the Lyme Disease and I still believe I was. A few weeks later though I started to not feel so well again. Over the next month or so Mom kept running into info about Celiac disease and kept thinking that it sounded like me. She talked to her nutritionalist about it in December and she said like it sounded like I could have it and to try going on a gluten free diet (but to wait until after Christmas) and see if I felt better and to give it another week and see if I still felt better.

I started eating gluten-free January 1st, and with the exception of giving in to a few weaknesses the beginning week I have been eating that way ever since. Even before Christmas though, I had started monitoring my reactions to what I was eating and had noticed I felt better when I ate things that didn’t have gluten in them, so I kind of knew that I would stick with it. I do feel better eating this way – enough that I know I need to stick with it… but I still feel sick… just not as bad as I felt last year.

Also, because I seem not to handle them very well, I am also starting to look into starch intolerance.


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